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Fidelity Claims Incorporated can help identify, protect and even collect subrogation when we work with your daily claims office. Our specialists help produce results from this often-overlooked opportunity to recover funds. We have experienced adjusters who are routinely schooled on subrogation issues and taught to protect you interest.

With over 500 adjusters on our roster, we are able to provide underwriting inspection services. Our experience makes us a proven provider of decision-making intelligence for underwriters. By providing highly reliable professionals and, calculating reliable replacement costs and standardizing valuations based on risk characteristics we can generate comprehensive underwriting information in less than half of the time it used to take. We can develop specialized systems to verify or update your current information.


Our management team and trained quality inspectors can provide you with quality reviews of your staff, independent adjustors, or contractors prior to release of retention monies. We routinely check up on our own adjusters and we can provide you with the assurance and documentation that your team is doing the best job possible.

Our expertise allows us to work with you to develop best claim practices and procedures to handle specialized complex losses. We have company and adjuster experience in just these types of situations and most times we will have specialized procedures already in place to handle any type of specialized claim.

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